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Discover The Wonders Of Bali’s Underwater World With Us

Bali is a paradise for divers, with a rich and diverse marine life. Whether you are looking for colorful critters, stunning corals, or historical shipwrecks, you will find them in Bali. Join us for an unforgettable diving adventure in Amed and Tulamben, two of the best dive sites in Bali. Explore the famous USAT Liberty wreck, a World War II cargo ship that lies on the sandy slope of Tulamben. Drift along the coral gardens of Amed, where you can spot turtles, sharks, and rays. Experience the beauty and diversity of Bali’s underwater biodiversity with us.

Muck dive in Tulamben and encounter exotic creatures

If you are a fan of muck diving, Tulamben is the place for you. Muck diving is a type of diving that involves exploring the bottom of the sea, where you can find volcanic black sand, rubble, and debris. This may not sound very appealing, but it is actually a treasure trove for macro photographers and critter lovers. The muck hides some of the most amazing and bizarre creatures you can imagine, such as mimic octopus, blue-ringed octopus, harlequin shrimp, skeleton shrimp, frogfish, seahorse, nudibranch, and many more.

Tulamben has several muck diving sites, each with its own unique features and inhabitants. Some of the most popular ones are Seraya, Sidem, Melasti, Kwanji, and Batu Niti13. You can dive these sites during the day or at night, and you will always discover something new and fascinating. Muck diving in Tulamben is a thrilling and rewarding experience that will leave you in awe of the wonders of nature.